No Experience Needed

  • No more than 10 km hiking. 
  • Kid & Family-friendly
  • Scenic and well-accessible trails 
  • Less than 5 hours on the trail. 
  • Hiking gear is not a must
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Cianda Walk

Njabini Walk

KeFRI Walk

Tigoni Walk

Gatamaiyu 1

Zaina falls

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How Membership Works

  1. Subscription (Ksh 1000) includes Experience and Guide fee and does not include the fare, food, or park fees(if applies)
  2. Subscribed members have the freedom to attend as many Freemium Drifts as they want to.
  3. The charge per drift for Non-subscribers is Ksh 1,000. Charges don’t include the fare, food, or park fees(if applies)
  4. We usually meet up at a central location(Outside Bata shop, Hilton) and travel together on PSV unless one is driving.
  5. All Freemium trails are close to Nairobi, easy to access with private and public transport, and safe parking is organized.
  6. The Subscription fee is valid only if paid by the 5th day of the month. After that, it’s non-refundable and expires after 2 months if not redeemed.
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