Adventure, when and how you want it!

Customized and Affordable are quite hard words to find together, yet that’s what we do for you. From as low as Ksh 1,000 per person from at least a group of 10 people we give you the control to pick a date, trail, and distance that best suits you and your group


Kenze Gorge




Ngong Hills




How it works

  1. Let’s Drift regular members are entitled to discounts for any private experience requested.
  2. We give you the freedom to choose a trail of your choice including dates & time.
  3. We provide at least two experienced guides for a group of 10 people including a local for safety.
  4. We offer complimentary activities including fun games besides the physical attractions to help you create lifetime memories with your group.
  5. All our trails are close to Nairobi, easy to access with private vehicles and have safe parking.
  6. We provide support on choosing ideal trails depending on your group or personal interest
  7. We are open to price negotiations depending on the number of people, dates and activities involved
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