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Come enjoy a short hike in the serene forest as we later settle down for a yoga session to connect with ourselves through movement, breath, and self-inquiry. Highlights Yoga Meditation…
April 16, 2023
Beginner Friendly


YogAdventure We live in a fast-paced world where everyone is in a hurry. We have gotten caught up in the hustle culture where we are always working and looking for…
August 5, 2022


A merger of two time-stopping wellness experiences that get you to try to express yourself in art at the same time exploring your inner peace and serenity through yoga.  Location…
February 20, 2022

Kids Yogart

An exciting bonding activity for kids (age 5-12 years old) and parents/guardians. Join us for an opportunity to connect with nature, enjoy a refreshing walk, a tour of the museum,…
December 18, 2021

Trail Run+Yoga

Run your distance from 2kms, 5kms, or 10kms and participate in a 1-hour Restorative Yoga at the end to help eliminate any muscle stiffness and discover new flexibility normal that…
August 15, 2021