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As the world navigated the uncertainties of the Covid pandemic, my wife Kiki and I, nestled in our Kansas farmhouse, found ourselves yearning for adventure beyond our familiar horizons. Our dreams often wandered to Kenya, a land we longed to explore. It was during this time of global pause that we discovered the @lets_drift Instagram account, a window into the vibrant outdoor culture of Kenya.

What captivated us about Lets Drift wasn’t just the breathtaking Kenyan landscapes they showcased. It was the relatable stories of young Kenyans immersing themselves in the wilderness of their homeland. These images and narratives rekindled memories of my own days exploring Colorado and Vermont, a reminder of the universal joy of discovering the beauty in our backyards.

Following the Lets Drift Instagram became more than a pastime; it evolved into a genuine admiration for what these young Africans were achieving. Their adventures resonated with us, transcending geographical and cultural barriers.

This summer, when travel finally resumed, Kiki and I embarked on our long-awaited journey to Kenya. Our adventure began in Nairobi, but our hearts were set on the trails and natural wonders beyond the city. Our first escapade? A Lets Drift hike through the enchanting, waterfall-laden landscape of Kahunira.

The hike was more than just a trek through rural Kenya. It was a cultural immersion, a chance to connect with a vibrant community of Kenyan hikers. These were people who, like us, sought respite from urban life, camaraderie among fellow nature enthusiasts, and a dynamic way to engage with the stunning scenery around them.

Our experience with Lets Drift was a reminder of the power of travel to bridge worlds. It’s not just about the places we visit, but the connections we forge and the perspectives we gain. As Kiki and I returned to our Kansas farmhouse, we brought back not just memories of Kenya’s natural beauty, but a deeper understanding of the shared passions that unite us across continents.

About the Authors: Rolf Potts, an influential American author, has shaped the travel world with his bestselling book “Vagabonding.” His insights have been pivotal in inspiring the digital nomad movement. Kristen Bush, known as Kiki, is a talented filmmaker and actress, celebrated for her role in “Suits.” Together, we live a life enriched by travel, creativity, and the simple pleasures of our Kansas countryside.