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To all the new members! Welcome to the Community. Lets Drift exists to help you find what sets your soul on fire, for the last 3 years we have set our mind to make adventure affordable and accessible to all who seek it.

1. Beginner-friendly trails

For those of you who are beginners, we have a recommendation on the calendar that outlines the ideal hikes to start with, please trust our word for it. We don’t want you to hate adventure and yourself too. Below a list of Beginner-friendly trails we would recommend;

  1. Gikuni
  2. KeFRI
  3. Karuru Waterfalls (premium)
  4. Bathi 1
  5. Thiririka
  6. Tigoni 2
  7. Cianda

2. Intermediate trails

For those of you who have been hiking with us and would want to up your game and bite something a little harder here’s a list of transition trails to take you from beginner to a pro hiker;

  1. Ihiga ria Guoya
  2. Kamweti Waterfalls
  3. Throw to Grow
  4. Bathi 3
  5. Kahunira
  6. Ololosokwan
  7. Kipeto
  8. Kereita Forest Trek
  9. Kieni Waterfalls
  10. Ragia Waterfalls

3. Hard Trails

So you are a pro? Here’s some hard stuff to challenge yourself with:

  1. Hikeathon
  2. Kijabe Waterfalls Chase
  3. Mt Kilimambogo
  4. Mt Satima (Premium)
  5. Rurimeria Hill (Premium)

4. Fitness and Sporting Experiences

So you are a pro? Here’s some hard stuff to challenge yourself with:

  1. Skating lessons(Every Sunday afternoon)
  2. Trail run(Every Sunday morning)
  3. Soccer game(Every Sunday afternoon)

5. Drift Specials

Looking to try something beyond hiking? Drift specials are creatively curated experiences themed around outdoors, wellness, and great vibes. Here is a couple to try in July:

  1. Unplug – A hike where no one is around to take photos, videos and listen to music
  2. Triathlon- Running, Cycling and Hike all in one
  3. Yogadventure – Yoga in the wild
  4. Rock climbing classes
  5. City Art tour – A tour to some of the most historic places in Nairobi
  6. She wild – Hike for women guided by women
  7. Sundowner – The ultimate end month hangout for all drifters

Thanks for taking your time to read through. For any query, help, or support, you can hit me up on WhatsApp 0718718930 for a swift response.

Alex Kamau,
Head of Community
Lets Drift