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Hey Drifters!

Welcome to our Weekly Lets Drift photo blog, featuring some of the best moments captured by drifters during our hikes over the past weekend. For a recap; on Friday we drifted to Gikuni waterfalls and caves, followed by Nachu caves and on Saturday and finishing with 2 amazing challenges in Gicheru and Ngong hills concurrently.


Gicheru Mines Photo Credits : Alex Mwangi
Morning light Photo Credits : Charles Kimani
Flower Photo Credits : Gladwell
Gikuni Waterfalls Photo Credits : Francis Nderitu
‘Teagoni’ Photo Credits : Alex Kamau
‘Shaking feet’ Photo Credits : Francis Nderitu
Gicheru Mines Photo Credits : Jewel Zawadi
Shot at Gikuni Caves Photo Credits : Daniel Gichuru
Photo Credits : Alex Mwangi
Team GHCR Photo Credits : Ciru Matathia
Ndeiya Photo Credits : Alex Mwangi
Nachu Caves Photo Credits : Cosmas
Crossing the ‘Castor gorge’ known as mukuru wa bariki at Gicheru Photo Credits : Alex Kamau
Terrific Views from Nachu Photo Credits : Cosmas
The feeling after getting to the picturesque Gicheru Mines Photo Credits : Alex Mwangi
Mountain top views Photo Credits : Alex Mwangi
Photo Credits : Ess


Wallpaper Courtesy of Charles Kimani

Wallpaper Courtesy of Charles Kimani

Wallpaper Courtesy of Charles Kimani

Enough FOMO for today!

Photos compiled by Alex Kamau, Head of Community, Lets Drift.

Lets Drift is a community of Adventurous guys, we exist to help you pursue what sets your soul on fire. Click here to join our other social platforms for updates on coming adventures

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