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Njambi Kimani

By May 8, 2022May 13th, 2022No Comments

Meet the Women Hikers Redefining the Outdoors

There’s no doubt that powerful women surround us, and while any day makes for an excellent opportunity to celebrate the women in your life, Mother’s Day gives you one more reason to do precisely that.

To celebrate Mother’s Day this month, we featured an amazing woman redefining the outdoors. Njambi Kimani is a member of our community and she is an adventurous, outdoorsy woman. As we continue to grow exponentially getting to know her story is such an inspiration. May her stories ignite your inner hiking fire when you need it the most!

Tell us a few things that make you, you!

I would describe myself as ever-evolving, ever-learning and ever-loving. Definitely full of energy and a lover of summit dances. I would also describe myself as a bee that makes Jam. I am also Mama Jay. Definitely Loud and a Bad Ass. And, of course, shenanigans. I always speak my truth and mind. Moreover, I also try to eat this life with the most oversized spoon. And lastly, and most definitely, I am a storyteller.

What was your relationship to the outdoors growing up? How did your passion for hiking and the outdoors start, and what’s your favourite part?

I have always loved being in nature, especially when there is a need to conserve our environment. I got into hiking in March 2021 on a Lets Drift day trip to Mt Kenya. Since then on, I have been hiking almost every weekend.

What’s your favourite thing about hiking as a working mother, and would you say hiking with kids strengthens bonds? You can briefly describe yours.

Teach them early what you didn’t get an opportunity to learn until later. I started hiking about a year ago, but if my son considers it as something he loves and gets skilled at, I would be so happy. I am always happy to see him engaged in healthy and cheerful activities and more so in the fresh air, especially during these times of a pandemic. I am not sure if it strengthens our bond because I believe that it takes something more than hiking to do, and even most of the time, we independently walk with others. But in general, it’s a great activity that both of us love.


What are your tips for hiking with kids to make hiking with toddlers and young kids fun for them (and you!)

More child-friendly hikes, and no, an easy trail doesn’t mean child-friendly. A child-friendly hike would have games, adventure, and education. For example, about plants, animals, conservation, rock climbing, safety, survival skills etc… For emphasis, teaching them early what we ended up learning later is essential.

What’s your go-to meal after a strenuous hike?

To be honest, all I usually want is a cold cider and maybe some fries.

If you could hike with one person, who would it be?

Hikers are amazing people. Anyone who likes the outdoors invests in it, wants to be in nature and has a good heart is someone I would like to meet and hike with. So, no one specific, just someone who enjoys hiking. Let’s climb mountains, swim in the waterfalls, chase sunsets, and camp under the stars.

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BY: Maggie Wanjiru

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