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Today, we are sending love to those struggling with their mental health, those who have lost someone to suicide, those struggling with thoughts of self-harm, and those feeling hopeless and isolated. You are not alone.

This month’s edition is themed is Be Kind. September is suicide awareness month and today is #SuicidePreventionDay. We all know someone or have lost a loved one to suicide. This month on the trails, we encourage you to create safe spaces for your fellow drifters to have open conversations and share their stories.

Here are a couple of Instagram accounts that will help you with resources and information on mental health:

1. Be Frienders Kenya

2. Real Depression Project

3. Lets Talk Mental Health

4. Tubonge mental 

5. Mental 360 Kenya 

6. Dr Soph

You can also search #suicideprevention #suicidepreventionmonth #mentalhealth to get more resources.

If you or anyone would like to reach out to a mental health professional, here are some contacts:

• The Kenya Red Cross: 1199 (toll-free)

• AMREF suicide hotline: +254 (0) 110 036 348

• Befrienders Kenya: +254 722 178 177

• Introspective Psychologist: +254 775 619 208

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