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Savor the Kamweti Falls Trek

Mt Kenya has three glorious peaks which means that there are multiple ways to get up to each of the three peaks. Some easier to trek than others. The Kamweti Falls lies on the slopes of Mt Kenya. It is one of those interesting hiking trails in Kenya that require time. You need to take your time enjoying the views and calming sounds of nature. Kamweti Falls is not the trail to rush through. It is the kind of trail you savor.

Key Attractions

  • The Kamweti Falls trail is not used often. Therefore, it is not quite as affected by human activity as other trails would be. Thus, you can expect to encounter a lot of the wild on this trek. With a variety of vegetation from bamboo, bushes and wild flowers, you will be a guest of the wild. 
  • Once you get to the Kamweti Falls, the sound of the water as it rushes down the cliff will call to you. Then you catch a sight of the fresh clear waters, you will have no choice but to strip and jump in. 
  • The trek leads to the Lenana peak of Mt Kenya. The Lenana Peak is the third highest peak after the other two Mt Kenya peaks. This means that in addition to walking one of the most interesting hiking trails in Kenya, you could also gain a medal for having been to the top of Mt Kenya. 

kamwetiChallenge Level

Kamweti is only moderately challenging and could be easy for some. You would expect interesting hiking trails in Kenya to be expensive and extremely physically challenging. Kamweti Falls is one of the less challenging ones that will be kind to you. 


The central meeting point is on the benches near Bata Hilton Nairobi CBD. From there, we head out to take public transport to Kimunye. The journey to the starting point is about two hours long. The cost of transportation is approximately Ksh 800.

 The trail is also self-drive friendly in case you don’t want to take public transport.

What do you need for the trail?

  • Hiking boots
  • Trekking pole
  • Swimming costume and towel
  • Backpack
  • Snacks such as nuts, granola bars, fruits, fresh juice,
  • 3 Litres of water (bring a reusable water bottle or a hydration pack)

Here’s a list of resources for hiking gear you can check out.

Hiking Gear Vendors – Lets Drift 

Can you bring your kids with you?

Yes. Kamweti Falls is a child-friendly trail for children above 10 years. It’s a moderate hike where you can bring your family with you for a fun-filled weekend.

Now that you know about Kamweti Falls, we hope to see you on the trails!

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