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Drift and Unplug

Drift and Unplug As society becomes more modernized, our cities become more like concrete jungles, phasing out nature. Some researchers say we are becoming more nature-deficit. We are also bombarded…
July 29, 2022

Spectacular Waterfalls in Ragia

Spectacular Waterfalls in Ragia Did you know that the Let’s Drift Guide Team did a #ReelAdventures feature with Meta (formerly Facebook) earlier this year in March at Ragia Falls? You…
July 1, 2022

Kijabe Soft

Join Alex, our seasoned guide, on his mission to make the trail more accessible to beginners. Immerse yourself in the imagined Kijabe Soft and see the trial from his unique…
October 21, 2023

Sagana Canyons

Sagana is a region of Murang'a County that is home to stunning natural beauty. Hiking to the top of the Kiambicho hills affords spectacular views in all directions. Mount Kenya…
July 13


The trail's name, "Place of Many Monkeys," comes from the fact that it is close to one of the largest natural forests in Kiambu. This means that you will see…
February 9


Join us on an adventurous escapade as we trek deeper inside the Southern part of the Aberdare forest in search of a hidden waterfall with a scenic dam that supplies…
July 20

Kibathithi Waterfall

This short and scenic trail takes you through a magical forest. The beauty of the forest and the sweet scent of the berries will enchant you as you make your…
July 9, 2023