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This past Sunday, we hosted the first edition of the Lets Drift city art tour. I must admit that I was nervous and wondered if guys would show up considering that this is a different drifting experience to what many are used to. It’s safe to say that it was a success!

The tour began at the National Archives, a major landmark in Nairobi city and one that thousands of Nairobians pass by daily but few have visited. The gallery was formerly owned by Joseph Murumbi, Kenya’s second vice president. His love for art, history, and culture culminated in the curation of this beautiful gallery. We had prepared a trivia to keep things interesting and let’s just say the competitiveness of drifters was in full swing. It was heartwarming seeing guys not only learning historical facts but also having a good time while at it.

A quick group selfie at the National Archives.

Whenever you think of Nairobi city, you can’t not picture the iconic KICC building. It was important to us that we tour this significant location. It’s quite picturesque, offering you a 360° view of the city under the sun. The final destination of the day was the Railway Museum where we went back in time to the construction of Kenya’s rail network that began in 1896. The museum hosts a number of artifacts and locomotives giving you a hands on chance of a lifetime to truly immerse yourself into Kenya’s rail history.

This tour was proudly in collaboration with Karibu Nairobi, a circle of Nairobians who have intentionally set out to spread the spirit and culture of Nairobi. We look forward to inviting you to the next edition of the city art tour! 

Written by Aosa Martha

Photos c/o Wango Alfred

Photo-op at the KICC rooftop.

Bobo striking a pose!

We found a new ATC location 😂

Royalty! Yusuf & Makena at the Railway Museum

Posing next to a legend.

The crew!