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Are you interested in mountaineering but don’t know where to start?

Mt. Longonot is the ideal introduction to mountaineering. The climb can be challenging for anyone with a low level of physical fitness, but it is a fun way to turn the boat around.

Every Kenyan should get to experience this at least once! Here’s why:

The mountain is flamboyantly prominent on the floor of the Rift Valley, and the crater on top is a spectacle! Views of the lakes and other hills in the Great Rift Valley look better from the top!

The summit rate for this mountain is the highest in Kenya.

It is not precisely a high-altitude trail compared to others in East Africa; no need for altitude acclimatization! With a 3km ascent from the base to the crater rim and 7km around the crater rim, it is relatively short too. This implies less gear required!

Furthermore, navigation is straightforward on this trail.

It is well-known by regular hikers from Nairobi, Nakuru, and other nearby towns, and the human traffic makes it safe from wild animals (you will see some from a distance if you are keen) and emergencies. Still, you might go an hour without seeing another human!

In case of trouble, there is a good network connection that makes it easy to call for help, unlike other mountains.

Sounds easy and fun, right? Great!!!

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