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Nestled in the slopes of Mt Kipipiri, this cozy wood cabin in Mawingo is a perfect countryside getaway. We arrived in the evening after a long drive from Nairobi. The rain was pouring heavily making our trip seem longer. During the journey, we enjoyed views of Elephant Hill, Mt Kinangop peaks, and the Aberdare forest.

The cabin is located at the top of a hill that borders Mt Kipipiri forest. It’s a short hike from the base of the hill. Once you get to the cabin, you can’t help but marvel at the views. The moon was already out and we were looking forward to the moonlight. After a tour of the space, we cooked our supper then spent the night by the fireplace catching up and sharing stories.

By morning light, the sunrays were peaking through the windows. The crisp fresh air and a colobus monkey swinging in the trees was the perfect way to begin our day. We spent the morning chilling under a tree as we ate our breakfast.

The cabin is an open room with two queen beds on each side. The interior is adorned with leso and African curio that add a unique style to the space. The cabin has a large deck with a fireplace overlooking beautiful views of the surrounding area. The warm wood and leso fabric makes the space feel like a home away from home.

A simple kitchenette is located on the deck. It’s equipped with a sink and a two-burner cooker powered with gas. The bathroom and toilet are situated near the back of the cabin. A beautiful succulent and fern garden creates the perfect ambiance for the outdoor bathroom experience.

Perhaps our favorite thing about the wood cabin is the lack of electricity. We enjoyed the opportunity to unplug and unwind at such a peaceful location. There are solar lamps available to light the space at night.

The cabin is on farmland so we got to enjoy fresh cow milk which was very tasty. Clean water is available. However, I should mention that the water is cold even in the daytime. We are grateful to Isaac, the housekeeper, for making our stay comfortable. The cabin is hosted by Ngetha and can be booked via Airbnb.