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Surviving the Sojourn to the Kijabe Waterfalls

There is a feeling of being in the wild. No one can see you so you feel free enough to break any and all rules. But then the same wild humbles you so much that you would be willing to bend to its will. The one thing the wild does not let you do is give up and let a difficult trek break you. The wild does not let you weep and cower. It encourages you to stand up to it. The wild will push and it will expect you to push back with the same zeal. The Kijabe Waterfalls are beautiful but it is one of those challenging hiking trails where you come out on the other side stronger and ready to scale the mountain of life. Nestled in the thick of Kinale forest, the Kijabe Waterfalls are bold and prominent. 

Key Attractions

  • Waterfalls are often the go to key attraction for all the challenging hiking trails. People see it as a reward for their efforts. The Kijabe Trail does not disappoint. You will encounter a series of waterfalls. Every waterfall you come upon is more regal than the last. The water is cold and refreshing. 
  • As you get from one fall to another, you will walk through old tunnels. Tunnels built decades ago to house railway lines. 
  • You will also want to peek into dark caves. Dark caves that hold nothing or they hold the answers to life’s greatest mysteries. 
  • Every cake needs a cherry. The cherry on the Kijabe Trek cake is the view of the Great Rift Valley. There is something about seeing the rift that makes even the most challenging hiking trails worth the sweat in all crevices of the body and mud in your hair worth it. 



Kamungu ka nduma kijabe hike

Kijabe Waterfalls

Challenge Level

The Kijabe Trek is definitely a difficult hiking experience. This is not the place to expect a beginner friendly experience or bring your children. This is the place to bring all the hiking gear necessary, a positive attitude, lots of stamina and energy.


The central meeting point is on the benches near Bata Hilton Nairobi CBD. From there, we head out to take public transport to Gichiengo town. The journey to the starting point is about two hours long. The cost of transportation is approximately Ksh 400.

What do you need for the trail?

  • Hiking boots
  • Trekking pole
  • Swimming costume and towel
  • Backpack
  • Snacks such as nuts, granola bars, fruits, fresh juice,
  • 3 Litres of water (bring a reusable water bottle or a hydration pack)

Here’s a list of resources for hiking gear you can check out.

Hiking Gear Vendors – Lets Drift 

Can you bring your kids with you?

No. The Kijabe Trek is not a child-friendly trail. There are many trails on which you can bring your children but this is not one of them. Think of this as your time off. 

Now that you know about the Kijabe Trail, we hope to see you on the trails!

Similar trails

For lovers of adventure and those who do not mind pushing themselves, similar trails to Kijabe are: Kipeto Trail and Githiga Trail