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Kibathithi: Easy As Sunday Morning and Perfect for Sunday Morning

Some days, you get an urge for something simple. Like a lukewarm cup of barely sugared tea or a piece of unremarkable sponge cake. Just something to tide you over but not necessarily to leave a mark. At first glance, Kibathithi Falls is exactly this. Unremarkable and basic. However, a few minutes into your walk you realize that of all beginner friendly hiking trails, Kibathithi strikes the perfect balance between basic and extraordinary. A few steps in, you realize that will not get the humdrum experience you thought you would be getting.

Key Attractions

Every once in a while you need a break from strenuous activity. You want to regroup at one of the numerous beginner friendly hiking trails in the country

  • It might not be enchanting but the Kibathithi forest has all the beguiling beauty and general appeal of one. It is only dense enough that you feel like you are protected from the big bad world. But also, ‘lived in’ enough to accommodate one of the most beginner friendly hiking trails in Kenya. 
  • After a short stretch of satisfactory physical exercise and individual spiritual congregation, you will come upon the Kibathithi Falls. This is at the end of the walk as a sort of ‘farewell and good luck’ from the trail. 


Challenge Level

Being almost flat, Kibathithi is a beginner friendly hiking trail. It is an easy terrain. More than anything else, the trail seeks to help you relax and unwind. Therefore, feel free to bring your children. It is a short walk so you do not have to worry about dealing with whining children. There is a waterfall at the end which is the perfect reward, not just for the kids but for the adults as well. 


The central meeting point is on the benches near Bata Hilton Nairobi CBD. From there, we head out to take public transport to Githunguri. The journey to the starting point is about one hour long. The cost of transportation is approximately Ksh 500.

 The trail is also self-drive friendly in case you don’t want to take public transport.

What do you need for the trail?

  • Comfortable shoes
  • Swimming costume and towel
  • Warm clothing
  • Snacks (you can pack a picnic)
  • 3 Litres of water (bring a reusable water bottle or a hydration pack)

Here’s a list of resources for hiking gear you can check out.

Hiking Gear Vendors – Lets Drift 

Can you bring your kids with you?

Yes. Kibathithi is a child-friendly trail for children. It’s a beginner friendly hiking trail where you can bring your family with you for a fun-filled weekend.

Now that you know about Kibathithi, we hope to see you on the trails!

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