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Initiation into Unique Hiking Trails on Ihiga ria Guoya

It is very rare that a mere rock makes it onto the list of unique hiking trails. Usually, unique hiking trails are far off places with all these great views and interesting things to see like animals and rare flora. Ihiga ria Guoya is Kikuyu for stone of fear. The name alone is a curious one. The great thing about these destinations is that there is always a great story behind the names. The locals are always all too eager to tell such stories. Which, makes the hiking experience that much memorable. 

Key Attractions

  • Set in Limuru, Ihiga ria Guoya is said to be the place where boys became men. Different Kenyan communities have their boys take different activities to mark their initiation into manhood. For example, some have their boys go hunting and only come back when they have killed a lion. Others, have their boys match to the river in the cold light of morning where their foreskins flow downstream amid cheers from villagers. Point is, Kenya has interesting cultures and Ihiga ria Guoya is center stage for one of them. 
  • The appearance of the rock is yet another interesting phenomenon. It leans gingerly over the cliff, looking like it is held by a string and a prayer. 
  • From this rock, you are treated to a wonderful view of the hills yonder and the plains below. As the wind caresses your cheek and the eyes scan the horizon, this is a great place to reflect on your life and meditate a little bit. 
  • As if a place on the list of unique hiking trails is not enough, you get to experience yet another rock with a fascinating shape. Ihiga ria nyondo is shaped like a woman’s bosom. It will be a part of the package. 

Ihiga ria Guoya

Ihiga ria GuoyaChallenge Level

The Initiation into Unique Hiking Trails on Ihiga ria Guoya trail is a moderately challenging one. Perhaps because it is perched up so high. It is about 18km of walking which can be easier if you go on a good day when the weather favors you. You will be sweaty and tired but once you get to the top, it will be worth it. 


The central meeting point is on the benches near Bata Hilton Nairobi CBD. From there, we head out to take public transport to Ndeiya, Limuru. The journey to the starting point is about an hour long. The cost of transportation is approximately Ksh 300.

 The trail is also self-drive friendly in case you don’t want to take public transport.

What do you need for the trail?

  • Hiking boots
  • Trekking pole
  • Backpack
  • Snacks such as nuts, granola bars, fruits, fresh juice,
  • 3 Litres of water (bring a reusable water bottle or a hydration pack)

Here’s a list of resources for hiking gear you can check out.

Hiking Gear Vendors – Lets Drift 

Can you bring your kids with you?

Yes. This is a child-friendly trail for active children above 10 years. It’s a moderate hike where

you can bring your family with you for a fun-filled weekend.

Now that you know about Ihiga ria Guoya, we hope to see you on the trails!

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